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Food service job board adds background screening tool

Oct 10, 2011 Matt Roesly

WyckWyre, a job board for positions in the food service industry, recent made improvements to its site by adding I-9 verification assistance and background checks, WICZ-TV reports. The site finds applicants using a virtual interview system, but the new background screening function offers employers the ability to check criminal and employment records, sexual offender searches and address history searches as well. "We designed our system to not only reduce employee turnover, but to also limit the liability that employers carry in our industry," Justin Poet, vice president of, told the news source. "We accomplished this by incorporating E-Verify (I-9 compliance checks) and background checks into our recruiting tool, as well as many other valuable tools for our customers." Adding a background screening function was important for the site because of the high turnover rate that exists in the restaurant industry. According to WyckWyre's website, the annual turnover rate in the sector is 113 percent. Many employees are immigrant workers who may face issues with the hiring process.