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Florida woman contacted by fake debt collector

Feb 23, 2011 Kyle Duncan

In Florida, a woman became suspicious after a scam artist called her phone and told her that she was being charged with a variety of debt-related crimes. First Coast News reports that Middleburg resident Angela Tuhacek received a call from a person who read her a list of charges and told her that she had a loan that was outstanding. But Tuhacek was positive that she didn't owe the money and was sure that she was part of some sort of debt collection scheme. "She read this affidavit with these charges. I said, 'I don't owe anybody, I've got one loan and they just debited my account and I can prove it'," said Tuhacek in an interview with the news source. "She said, 'I need you to report it to the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission.'" People all over Florida have been dealing with cases of fraud. The Palm Beach Post reports that Hector Marcano of Lake Worth, was charged with embezzlement and misapplying insurance premiums by police in recent weeks.