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Florida police nab ID, credit card thieves

Feb 10, 2011 Brian Bradley

In Florida, police have arrested three people in an alleged car burglary and identity theft ring after they were featured on a popular television program.
 WLBT reports that police in Flowood arrested 27-year-old Nakeisha Taylor, 28-year-old Lamitra Frazier and 26-year-old Jermaine White after detectives recognized footage shown on the television show America's Most Wanted on the local Fox affiliate. According to police, the suspects stole purses and credit cards, which they used in Jacksonville stores to purchase items. The news source also said that it had obtained video of the suspects using stolen credit cards. "Their main deal was things for identity theft, there were debit cards, credit cards, anything they could turn into the crime of identity theft, and they would use these cards pretty rapidly, whether it be convenience stores retails or what have you, that was their main deal," said chief Johnny DeWitt in an interview with the station. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, millions have suffered from identity theft-related scams in the past few years. The bureau released a report, which found that 11.7 million people had been victims of ID theft since 2008, losing some $17 billion as a result.