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Financial Literacy Month provides forum for credit reports

Jul 14, 2012 Walt Wojciechowski

A number of Americans cannot go through their daily duties without considering their finances, including various types of debts, bills and loans. More Americans are imparting their financial knowledge onto their children in the hopes that they will not struggle with money in the future. As April is Financial Literacy Month, many consumer credit bureaus may see an upswing in business, as parents teach their kids best practices. reported that financial institutions are taking this opportunity to educate citizens of all ages about the services they offer related to saving, loans and other important financial opportunities that can be taken. April can also be a time that consumers can be educated about credit reports, noted. Once a year, consumers can access a free credit report from the three major reporting bureaus. The source suggested that consumers and their children may want to consider learning about the reporting process, explaining that sample reports can be used as an example at Experian's website as an educational tool. Bureaus may want to prepare for an influx of customers asking to go over a report or wanting further information about credit history, who is allowed to access personal reports and security features provided by agencies.