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Feds step up ID verification efforts

Feb 11, 2011 Brian Bradley

To ensure federal workers match their ID cards, the federal government is ramping up efforts to meet a March 31 deadline that will lead to new identity verification credentials for all employees. Under an initiative from the Department of Homeland Security, the new program will mandate that all federal employee ID cards feature biometric technology and smart cards to protect against fraudulent ID creation and enhance security at federal offices. All full-time employees and contractors will be filed under the Federal Personal Identity Verification system, reports. According to the website, the measure will also cut costs, protect personal privacy and increase efficiencies, all in an effort to improve cybersecurity, which is a priority for DHS and other agencies. Employees must also undergo fingerprint analysis and a complete background screening. The program comes after the White House announced that all federal agencies face harsh penalties if they fail to implement these programs. Requirements include electronic card readers and unique signatures on all badges.