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Family loaning increases to endure credit crunch

Aug 19, 2011 Brian Bradley

Given the financial strain individuals are experiencing during the recession, some are turning to their more wealthy family members for loans, according to life insurance company Aviva. This trend is a stark shift from the common practices of years past. According to the media outlet, approximately 65 percent of respondents reported an increase of inter-family loaning. While the report suggests that most families view this as a relational building practice, only 15 percent of these loans are done regularly. Clive Bolton, the retirement director at Aviva, said in a statement quoted by Money High Street that the "credit crunch" has had a substantial effect on the retirement community, as their credit lines aren't very flexible. He went on to say that familial loaning is a change of pace from the standards of the late 1990s, when more credit was available and financial independence was more common. "It is crucial that consumers in financial difficulty seek the right professional advice in addition to that of their families, to ensure they are aware of all options available to them when making important decisions about their long term financial security," said Bolton.