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Fairly practicing debt collection during 2012

Jan 09, 2012 Mike Garretson

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act should serve as the model for all skip tracers and debt collection agencies in the industry. Failure to adhere to the standards mandated by the U.S. government could lead to a fine and further legal action. In addition, as a debt collector, you want your standing with the Better Business Bureau to be stellar, as consumers may reflect poorly about your company. Although the BBB backs the debt collection industry, it maintains that debt collectors mustn't overstretch the law in order to complete operations. "The BBB believes consumers are obligated to pay their rightful debts and that businesses have the right to collect those debts," Michelle L. Corey, president and CEO of BBB, said in a statement. "But we also feel that debt collectors must obey the law.  We hope that the Missouri Legislature, Congress and the courts will take notice of this rapidly increasing problem and take action to bring it under control." With the rise of complaints in relation to the debt collection reported by the Federal Trade Commission over the past year, the skip tracer or collector that practices fairly will ultimately lead the industry.