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Employers taking credit into account

Feb 24, 2013 Sean Albert

When filling out an application for a new job, many people are asked if they would be willing to submit to a background check. This process can help weed out those who have a criminal history that may present a risk to the hiring corporation, uncover lies in a resume and other helpful factors that could make the decision easier on managers.

However, numerous applicants find that these background checks potentially include a look into their credit histories. In many cases, those with a poor credit history may be disqualified when applying for positions that involve money handling or other financial responsibilities.

According to US News, many people try to dissuade hiring managers from taking these records into account. The news outlet said that by being succinct about the issues that resulted in bad credit, applicants may find that some managers will overlook a poor credit score.

Administrators hiring for new positions might consider looking into a person's Payment Reporting Builds Credit score instead. Even if someone's credit score is low, the applicant may be able to prove a positive history of repayments with this score on other accounts like rent, utilities, cellphones and other expenses.