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Employers should take recommended steps to prevent ID theft

Aug 03, 2012 Dave King

Businesses that do not take steps to prevent instances of fraud and theft within the workplace can suffer negative consequences. Companies, like short term lenders, can experience financial loss if data is stolen. For this reason, managers should encourage staff to keep valuable information safe and be cautious when giving out any personal and business data. The State Journal Register reports that there are a variety of methods that owners and managers can implement to avoid fraud. Staff should practice prevention strategies to protect themselves and the firm. Shredding documents that contain any personal or business-related data can keep it from being compromised. Employees and managers should not click on any unsolicited links in emails, as these can possibly gain unauthorized access to company networks. Additionally, owners should look frequently at the firm's accounts and even credit scores to make sure there have been no instances of fraud, reports the news source. Companies can also utilize identity verification tools to avoid risky situations. Microbilt's Red Shield solution offers businesses a tool that analyzes and reports on the chance of identity fraud. It also includes risk assessment, consumer protection coverage and a simple pass or fail response after viewing a consumer's credit report.