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Employers should encourage applicants to be honest about criminal history

Aug 27, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Job candidates are not always honest when applying for positions. For this reason, many hiring managers conduct background checks on individuals during the process to help them make an informed decision. Screenings can be beneficial for companies, especially short term lenders, as past criminal activity could compromise the business. WRDW-TV reports that background checks review a variety of information about an individual, including credit scores, criminal records and past employment. This data can help companies during the hiring process as it lets managers know about things that the candidate might not be up front about. Industry experts state that employers ask applicants to be honest about their records, as lying about information can result in disqualification from consideration, reports the news source. As businesses across the country begin to increase their workforces, the large amount of job seekers gives an advantage to employers who are looking for potential staff. Experts say that background checks are now more important than ever, as managers can conduct these screenings to find the best fit for the company. However, firms should be on the lookout for applicants who lie or give false information in their resumes. It is vital for businesses to verify and check data to ensure they are making the right hiring decision.