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Employers looking for different information during background screenings

Mar 08, 2011 Matt Roesly

According to many experts, it is easier than ever to perform background checks on those looking for apartment, jobs and other sectors. The things that are considered "red flags" often differ depending on the person or organization doing the check. One of the popular ways for people to check the reliability of a person is by looking into his or her criminal history, academic information and even their credit history. According to background screening expert Dan Chaney, director of the Employer Resource Association, there are more ways than ever to confirm a candidate's worthiness. "For a growing number of positions, more of the applicant's past history is needed to make a truly informed decision," said Chaney in an interview with Career Builder. "A vast array of reports are available, but the most common involve employment history, criminal history, academic or license confirmation, credit history and a state motor vehicle report." In Canada, one minister recently called for more stringent background checks. The Toronto Sun reports that Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced that his agency would be using new technology for background checks.