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Effective background checks protect from financial and operational risk

Aug 14, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Organizations and businesses across the country are realizing the benefits that background screenings can have for their operations. Many companies, especially short term lenders, can avoid risky financial situations by conducting checks during the pre-employment process. According to WBAL-TV, the Anne Arundel County School system in Annapolis, Maryland, has developed a new policy which will require any potential employees to pass a background check. School district officials stated the regulation was passed in order to provide further safety for students and current faculty and staff. Many parents and employees are strongly in favor of the policy, as it ensures the most suitable professionals will be working within county schools. "We have a duty to our parents to assure them that their children are being educated in a safe and secure learning environment and that the employees we're hiring will be role models for the children," said school system representative Bob Moiser. Another area that has recently adopted a background check procedure is Dallas County, Texas. The Dallas Morning News reports that board and committee appointees for the county are currently required to undergo screenings, and plans are being made to implement a similar policy for any individuals who wish to volunteer for Dallas' Medical Reserve Corps, including educators, physicians and other health professionals.