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Do car companies offer alternative financing?

Aug 29, 2014 Philip Burgess

Do car companies offer alternative financing?

An individual residing in the United States can almost always turn on a television show during prime time and expect to see at least one car commercial during the program. These vehicles can be nice to look at, but not many people pay attention to the small print and fast talking centered on financing at the end of the advertisement. They might catch phrases like "low APR" or "special financing," but many might not give it another thought.

That's until they get to the dealership, and the situation can be all the more confusing if they've never purchased a new car before. It can be worse if the consumer in question doesn't have spotless credit, or doesn't have a real consumer credit history to begin with.

Because we live in a post-Great Recession world, this scenario is becoming more and more common, and many people are searching for sources of alternative finance. Luckily, car dealers are evolving with the times, and many are beginning to offer things like retail installment financing and other out-of-the-box, but completely legitimate, ways to make buying a car easier on the public.

Car companies looking into their own financing

It used to be that consumers would take out loans before they went to a dealership, or a company would sell vehicles after participating in talks with the buyer and a bank or lender. However, because the economy is changing, those who sell cars are tweaking their strategies as well.

According to Forbes, companies want to start their own finance outfits to better serve consumers. The source noted that large retailers like Nissan, Toyota and BMW have already done so. That being said, Ford is the only corporation of its kind that has what the magazine calls "an up-and-running, full-service, continuously operating, 'captive' finance company."

In this respect, car dealerships want to be able to finance in-house or at least have a lender on retainer to handle transactions. This might allow companies to offer different types of financing for buyers, depending on the latter's current monetary situation. For instance, some consumers might be able to pay for their vehicles with the help of a traditional car loan, while others might be better served by installment financing agreements.

Not just for the rich
As Fortune pointed out, high-class car brands like BMW, Lexus and Mercedes tend to present buyers with better deals.

"Luxury brands offer great financing deals, and very attractive lease rates," industry analyst Warren Browne told the magazine, adding that this sector is set to do so for the next decade or so.

It would make sense for all types of car companies to offer fair deals like this. In fact, it might seem counter-productive for remarkable expensive automakers to do so, because their demographic can often afford to buy these luxury vehicles in the first place. Consumers who face troubling economic situations but still view cars as a necessity in order to get to jobs, attend appointments and take care of other responsibilities should also have access to financing options.

To maximize returns and forge beneficial relationships with their clientele, car dealers should consider bringing financing in-house or offering many different types of payment options.

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