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Delaware couple snagged on ID theft charges

Feb 21, 2011 Brian Bradley

A couple from Georgetown, Delaware, is facing charges of identity theft after they allegedly opened four credit card accounts with personal information obtained from their victim, according to WBOC-TV. The news station reports that the duo opened accounts at Fingerhut, Chase Bank, Capitol One and Swiss Colony local branches by using the Social Security number and date of birth of their victim. However, George Jester Jr. and Dawn M. Greene were not crafty in their scam, as they used their real names, addresses, phone numbers and emails during the application process, the station details. WBOC reports that both Jester and Greene were slapped with four counts of identity theft, second-degree conspiracy and four counts of attempted theft under $1,500. Both were released on bonds nearing $20,000. Delaware is not the only location to be stricken with identity theft in recent days. WAFF-TV reports that 21 people in Lauderdale County, Alabama, were charged with identity theft relating to a prescription drug syndicate. Charges included conspiracy to commit mail fraud, which stemmed from plans to have prescription drugs delivered across state lines.