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Debt collectors turn to online payment to collect dues

Dec 23, 2011 Mike Garretson

A number of debt collection firms have begun implementing online payment services to meet the demands and preferences of debtors. With advances in ecommerce and mobile technology, consumers are looking for easy ways to pay off debts, and online channels offer efficient and timely options to do so. Consumer payments to "biller direct" websites have grown from 30 million households in 2002 to roughly 48 million last year, according to InsideARM. Such services also preempt the need for phone calls or inquiries, as collectors can put all relevant data on the site itself. "Whether the debtor links to the payment site from instructions on the letter or via a link from an existing website, consistent branding will provide the debtor with a higher level of trust and comfort that they are at the 'right place' to make their payment transaction," writes Mike McDonnell for InsideARM. However, debt collectors need to be sure that their payment systems comply with Payment Card Industry standards (PCI DSS), as these policies are in place to protect consumer financial data from falling into the wrong hands.