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Debt collection firm urges sensible approach to disaster zones

Jun 10, 2013 Philip Burgess

Natural disasters can compound the concerns for debtors, meaning that a practical approach is needed by debt collectors working in disaster zones.

According to the Alabama Media Group, a debt collection firm based in Birmingham is suspending collection efforts in Oklahoma due to the recent tornado that ripped through the town of Moore. AmSher was noted by the source as stating that stopping collection efforts after major disasters is the company's normal procedure. Also, the company urged other enterprises in the industry to adopt the same policy.

Alabama Media Group indicated that the debt relief firm also suspended calling debtors in Massachusetts for two weeks after the April terrorist attack during the Boston Marathon. In 2011, they also paused collections in Alabama after a string of tornadoes ravaged the state.

A recent statement from the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA) - an industry advocacy group - noted that it encourages its members to be sensitive when dealing with accounts in regions harmed by disasters. The ACA also endorsed a checklist for tornado preparation that was established by Agility Recovery Solutions.