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Debt collection expert gives advice to daycare owners

Jan 30, 2011 Kyle Duncan

A debt collection expert recently advised people in the daycare industry on potential problems from customers who owe money, at a time when more and more people are late on their payments.
 Daniels Silverman, who advises nurseries on how to protect their businesses, said that it was vital for business owners in the childcare field to make sure potential client parents did not have debt-related issues when signing up for a nursery service. He said that making sure parents knew there would be consequences was key to remaining financially stable. “Simple changes to terms and conditions and making sure parents are aware that debts will be automatically referred to a debt collection agency can be very persuasive in ensuring that payments are on time," she writes. "It is far better to take steps to nip late payments in the bud and prevent debt as nurseries simply don’t have the time and resources to pursue debts through the courts, which can be a lengthy, costly and ineffective process." According to her website, Silverman has been in the debt collection industry for more than 15 years and has helped recover millions of dollars for clients.