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Debt collection agencies have different hurdles in U.S. states

Feb 27, 2013 Philip Burgess

Debt collection agencies in Idaho may have different obstacles to overcome than those located in Hawaii, but law firms are working heavily in the consumer credit data industry help to alleviate headaches in all types of scenarios.

InsideARM reports that two white papers issued on debt collection processes in the states of Hawaii and Idaho this month reveal differing but equally frustrating problems for debt collection data businesses. While Hawaiian firms are tackling the issue of reaching consumers that are spread out by plane rides away from each other, companies in Idaho are finding general financial straits among consumers to be a continual obstacle in business.

Marvin Dang, CEO of the Hawaiian law firm featured, says his business' span across the state makes working with consumers and other clients much easier than if it were based solely on one of the islands.

"People in the state of Hawaii live on seven of the eight major islands," he said. "There are courts on most of them [, but] the only feasible way to travel between islands for court appearances is by airplane. With our statewide practice, we are able to handle cases in all state and federal courts throughout Hawaii."

The Idaho-based law firm found in their state, working with consumers in a way that reflects understanding of financially hard times is essential for their business. Jeffrey Wilson, a managing partner with the organization, told insideARM his practices center on the ideas that almost everyone he works with is in a time of financial instability or insecurity, and that although debt collection businesses tend to get flack for causing borrowers anxiety, they are largely empathetic to consumer stressors and want to cooperate with the people they have to call, email and visit in order to collect money owed.