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Customers report improved auto sales experience this year

Dec 08, 2011 Randy Mosteller

A series of reports released this week have pointed to significant improvements in the U.S. auto industry - a sector that has traditionally employed a major portion of the American labor force. Chiefly, analysts have noted improvements in credit decisions and auto financing measures, as consumers, many of them looking to return to pre-recession spending trends, look to a new car purchase as a way to improve their situations. This underscores the importance of the sales experience among car dealers. According to a report released Thursday by J.D. Power and Associates, satisfaction with the new vehicle sales process has improved considerably over last year. The gain also suggests that, as market conditions improve, auto manufacturers and dealers are renewing their focus on providing buyers with satisfying retail experiences. "It would intuitively seem that buyers are most satisfied when the sales process is completed in the shortest amount of time possible," said Jim Gaz, director of automotive research at J.D. Power and Associates. "However, buyers actually appreciate it when sales staff spends additional time with them, as long as that time provides them with added value."