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Customer service goes a long way for lenders

Dec 03, 2012 Quinn Thomas

In many industries, customer service is key to ensuring consumer happiness and the transformation of new shoppers into loyal patrons. Putting in the extra effort when speaking to people or offering extra incentives can go a long way to making sure that the business is able to see traffic in the future. This is also true within the short term lending industry. Because so many individuals have needed an advance on funds since the widespread financial troubles appeared in 2008, many companies have had the opportunity to hone their skills when dealing with patrons by offering more focused options and making individual deals. Those that have already perfected a customer service strategy are now often able to pull ahead of competitors, so other lenders may want to follow suit. Consumers expect a lot
In order to spend money within an establishment, customers need to feel as if they're being treated like people as opposed to sources of cash, particularly when they frequent pawn shops. According to the Las Vegas Informer, many brokers are realizing this and making sure their employees are friendly and courteous to all who enter the store's doors. Pawn shop owners can take a proactive stance on this situation and ensure they're only hiring the best people for the job, the source recommended. "The screening process in terms of bringing people in to work for us is incredibly important," Las Vegas pawn broker David Gollmyer told the news source. "It's so important to have the right people, people with the consistent attitude with what our vision is and for how we want to represent our industry." The Informer noted that by taking these tactics, brokers are going a long way to ensuring that any past stigmas on the industry are rapidly disappearing. Providing requested items is also lucrative
Brokers can also help ensure that people remain interested in their sector by making sure their storefront is stocked with items shoppers would be interested in. Though Gollmyer told the news source that the primary goal of a broker is to help people make ends meet, the buying and selling aspect is also important. There are themed items tend to be popular during certain times of the year, so leaders may want to make more deals with those pawning the type of merchandise. For example, Georgia's WLTZ-TV reported that guns are especially popular at pawn shops during the fall months because the hunting season is in full swing in many areas, so where legal, brokers might want to consider making transactions with those pawning or selling their firearms.