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Criminal background screenings vital for employment process

Aug 30, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Background checks for past criminal activity can help prevent situations of fraud and risk for businesses, including short term lenders. Many municipalities and companies have policies that require screenings for potential employees to protect current staff and operations. South Coast Today reports that the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, is currently reviewing its ordinance on background checks for employees after an employee who did not have to go through a criminal background check committed a crime. New Bedford has decided to review its current regulations and make sure they are in line with state laws. Beforehand, only applicants who come in contact with children and elderly citizens would be required to undergo a record check. Now, the city is debating whether to implement stronger restrictions on all potential workers, states the news source. The town of Moorestown, New Jersey, learned the hard way about not requiring screenings during the hiring process. The Statehouse Bureau reports that an emergency medical technician lied when checking the box on the application that asked about being charged with a past crime. The employee went on to commit several illegal activities, leading many city officials to ask for background check regulations to be more strictly enforced.