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County officials will meet to resolve debt collection

Mar 05, 2011 Kyle Duncan

Lawmakers from Morgan County, Ohio, will travel to Columbus to discuss how an outstanding debt can be resolved. According to the Morgan County Herald, the county owes more than $473,000 related to money borrowed for construction and maintenance of a juvenile foster care and resident center from the early 1990s through 2007. Now, the state is recalling the loan after county commissioners were notified that the case was delivered to the Ohio attorney general's office via the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. Currently, any loan payments are on holding pending a meeting between the Ohio AG's office and Morgan County officials, the Herald reports. However, county officials are concerned about payments because of a lack of funds. "All I know is that we don’t have the money. We operate at a bare minimum, with no carryover (for emergencies), there is no 'rainy day' fund," county commissioner Dean Cain told the news source. Meanwhile, Titus County, Texas, officials were recently praised for getting the county back into positive territory after wiping out all outstanding debts. The Mount Pleasant Daily Tribune reports that the county now possesses a $150,000 surplus.