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Coronavirus Spurs Strong Demand for Workers in Transportation and Storage

Apr 08, 2020 MicroBilt News

Coronavirus Spurs Strong Demand for Workers in Transportation and Storage

Coronavirus has changed a lot of things about our economy in what feels like the blink of an eye. But while so many businesses are struggling, there are some that have gotten a boost along the way. Learn more about its effects of the pandemic on gig workers, warehouse employees, and clerks. We'll also look at how companies can protect themselves in the face of a rapidly changing landscape. 

New Opportunities 

As unemployment claims rise above 6.6 million, Amazon, Postmates, Instacart, Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Postmates continue to see demand rise for their services. These companies are able to get food and other essential items to households, limiting the exposure to this highly contagious disease to those who are most at risk. These services aren't just nice to have for many people, they are literally saving lives for those with no other way to receive these necessary goods. 

Companies need people to oversee and manage the commercial warehouses and retail stores. They need drivers to take items to and from their destination and administrative workers to coordinate (and prioritize) the distribution of orders. Wal-Mart announced its need for 150,000 new people and Amazon announced a need for 100,000 new workers. The job postings in the US has seen a nearly 80% increase for food delivery and a 36% rise for transportation and storage since 2017. 

How Verification Can Help 

Given the immediacy of the virus, companies are having to work out logistics faster than they might have anticipated. Thankfully, there are still ways to verify who businesses are hiring without delaying the process. Microbilt's Motor Vehicle Search (MVS) will comb through an applicant's Motor Vehicle Records to verify a driver through the state DMV and other official government agencies. Decision-makers can find details on everything from registration to liens to accident history. 

Background screening a person's general history can give you a solid idea of how the person is likely to perform in their job. It can help avoid anything from a PR disaster to a messy lawsuit somewhere down the line. As important as it is to hire quickly during times of great need, sometimes the costs of urgency can outweigh the benefits. If you need fast and accurate details, Microbilt has the services that can solve a problem without slowing you down. 

It's difficult to determine how these jobs will look in the long-term. For some, these jobs will be nothing more than a stop-gap between a temporary lay-off and a return to their original positions. Others though may hope for a more permanent position. Major retailers like Whole Foods, have anticipated hiring at least through April but may extend those positions for some workers.

Major companies, franchise owners, and small businesses alike can't afford to make mistakes during this critical time. And while background screenings can't prevent all negative events, they can go a long way to minimizing your risk.