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Consumers with poor credit can still get auto loans

Feb 16, 2011 Brian Bradley

A consumer with a low or poor credit score may not be out of the running for an auto loan thanks to a network of lenders who are willing to distribute to credit to consumers who have a subpar history of paying bills or managing loans. These lenders often have strict criteria, but as an alternative credit source, they are willing to handle riskier accounts. However, consumers must be willing to adhere to the lender's standards, and that includes a higher interest rate. That may lead to a higher monthly payment than a consumer with a stronger credit score, but the trade-off is access to a vehicle. Those seeking this line of credit should also be prepared to put down a higher down payment. By doing so, the consumer will show greater viability and purchasing power. Lastly, there is the demand for collateral. In the case of lower credit score borrowers, the lender may ask for an item of similar value to the vehicle to secure their finances against the loan. The borrower must be willing to potentially forfeit something of higher personal value. Obtaining a loan with a low personal credit score is not impossible, but borrowers must consider these factors before moving forward.