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Constable assists in unpaid lunch debt recovery

Nov 19, 2011 Mike Garretson

The Wellesley, Massachusetts, Schools Committee has received help with collections from constable Phil Juliani, who was recently hired to deliver letters to families who owe lunch debt, the Wellesley Patch reports. Juliani's hiring comes in response to the committee's realization last March that it had more than $100,000 in outstanding lunch balances. It was later determined that the problem stemmed from students charging their lunches. This action contradicts school policy that requires them to have a plus balance before items can be purchased. According to superintendent Bella T. Wong, letters have already been delivered to more than 60 families with unpaid debt of more than $100, the news source notes in a separate article. This has helped reduce the outstanding balance to $48,000. Juliani provided families with 30 days to pay off the debt or face court action. In an effort to curtail further debt, local schools have since instituted a privatized lunch program that requires parents to set up online accounts to purchase lunches. The accounts must have a plus balance for purchases to be made.