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Considering short-term solutions as demand for rental units increase monthly rates

Dec 05, 2011 Todd Milner

Whether a tenant is a student, has a job or receives benefits through unemployment claims, paying rent can often be too much for their finances to handle. Sometimes a tenant just needs that extra push to complete all their monthly bill payments. Short term loans offer instant financial solutions and will prevent a landlord from considering to evict a non-paying tenant. It is no surprise that due to the ongoing fiscal consequences of the 2008 recession, the housing market has taken a nose dive. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's October new home sales statistics, total new home sales for 2011 could fall 24 million short of the total sales of 2010. The decline of the housing market caused the abrupt rise in rental unit demand. According to The Associated Press, rent permits for apartment development have increased by 63 percent over the past year. "The demand is there," Mark Obrinsky, chief economist at National Multi Housing Council, told the news source. "Rents have recovered, much of them to where they were before the recession." Unfortunately, the soar in demand has also increased the rate of rent, the AP says, creating a need for some Americans to acquire short-term loan solutions.