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Conference will focus on credit risk management

May 14, 2011 Brian Bradley

An upcoming event in California will soon bring together industry insiders from the credit risk management field to discuss better ways to serve the consumer. The ninth annual Consumer Risk Management Conference will take place at the Omni San Diego Hotel as part of ID Analytics Advance 2011. In a release, the company stated that the theme at this year's conference would be "Rediscovering the Consumer," allowing those in attendance to learn about ways to target the ever-changing demands of customers all over the country. The conference will feature experts in a variety of different sectors. The keynote speakers at this year's event will include Adam Levine, co-founder and chairman of and Identity Theft 911; Jeremy Grant, a White House advisor for its National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyber initiative, who will speak about developing a national "Identity Ecosystem;" and Geroge Tubin, a senior research director at TowerGroup's Retail Banking & Cards. Other speakers and panelists at the forum will include representatives from the Federal Trade Commission, Google, Symantec and Bank of America Those in attendance will be able to see brand-new tools that companies can use to help them find new ways to study the behavior of customers and find out how to create long-lasting relationships. The CEO and co-founder of ID Analytics, Bruce Hansen, said that his company was excited to bring together so many knowledgeable people and give those in the sector new business strategies. "After nearly a decade of successful symposiums, ID Analytics is pleased to continue the tradition of bringing together some of the most insightful leaders from the world of consumer risk," said Hansen. "This year's conference on rediscovering the consumer will provide an opportunity to share and explore new business strategies and technologies needed to gain more current insight into consumer behavior." Last month, the Obama administration's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace was introduced to help better protect consumers' information on the internet. According to a statement from President Barack Obama, making web transaction more secure will "give businesses and consumers new confidence," and help the economy grow in years to come.