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Colorado Springs woman caught for identity theft

Sep 05, 2012 Dave King

Identity theft has been a growing problem in the United States, as advancements in technology - and the uses of such systems - have led to more easily accessible personal information. Any entity that handles consumer data needs to practice strong ID verification practices to ensure their clients and employees are not victimized by these criminals. The Gazette reports that Arizona law enforcement officials caught and arrested a woman who had been wanted for identity theft and forgery in Colorado Springs, Colorado. According to the source, Susan Ullery stole an identity and used it to open several bank accounts in the state of Colorado. After creating these false accounts, she used them to write fraudulent checks to several businesses in that state, leading to thousands of dollars lost on behalf of her victim and the merchants she bought products from. Beyond opening the fake accounts, the source noted, Ullery deposited fake checks, fooling the system and causing more damages to the financial institutions. Proper ID verification on behalf of the banks and merchants could have helped to deter this from happening, making it clear that businesses need to step up efforts in detecting such crimes.