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Collection agency makes gains in Connecticut water debt

Mar 27, 2012 Mike Garretson

The Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) of Stamford, Connecticut, has more than $2 million in uncollected revenue from delinquent accounts, the Stamford Advocate reports.  Debt has mounted because the WPCA's billing function, which was formerly handled by the city's tax department, was found to have "numerous problems" with its collection process. A spring 2010 audit revealed issues such as inconsistent billing, the news source reports. As a result, a Milford-based debt collection service was hired to try and clean up the mess. Thus far, things are looking up. The city has collected more than $275,000 this month, and Lynda Roca, the WPCA's billing contractor, believes there's more success to come. "I think ($275,000) is a substantial amount," she told the media outlet. "I think it shows that the collection calls we're making, the collection process we're doing is working." More drastic measures have also been put into action to initiate prompt payment. For instance, liens are now being placed on delinquent accounts, and town clerk Donna Loglisci tells the news source that she's signed more than 3,600 liens since the initiative was activated. According to the Stamford WPCA website, residents are billed twice per year - in April and October.