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Coffee franchise launches mobile payment system

Oct 30, 2013 Dave King

With consumers increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets for day-to-day activities, retailers are implementing mobile payment systems to make it easier for customers to complete transactions.

One franchise that recently implemented this type of technology is Dunn Bros Coffee, according to Fast Casual. Dunn Bros began a rollout of its mobile payment and loyalty application created by LevelUp, which includes perks such as providing customers with $3 of credit for every $50 spent.

"Dunn Bros understands the importance of moving quickly in order to remain relevant to customers," said Laura Radewald, CMO at Dunn Bros. "While others might be content to sit on the sidelines until a clear winner emerges in the mobile payments space, we've adopted an 'act and iterate' strategy. We're seeing a significant lift in average ticket for app customers after just four weeks, and are excited to be rolling our app out systemwide over the coming months."

Businesses can experience numerous benefits by implementing a mobile payment system, according to Open Forum. The ability to track customer trends can help business owners find out what the best sellers are with consumers. For example, if Dunn Bros has the ability to track what types of coffee sell best on week days, they can be sure to have the flavor stocked.

Additionally, electronic payments can speed up check out times. Customers who are forced to wait a long time in line are less likely to come back, so the ability to increase the speed of checking customers out could improve retention. Also, the ability to accommodate more people can lead to higher sales and more profits, the source noted.