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Classes help landlords

Mar 06, 2012 Matt Roesly

A seminar to be held in Canada by the Rental Owners and Managers Society of British Columbia (ROMSBC) will teach or refresh landlords about everything from how to devise appropriate paperwork to dealing with poor tenants, the Vancouver Sun reports. "Effective Documentation" is a four-hour course that landlords can attend if they feel they need extra assistance in dealing with issues on their property - for example, problem tenants. Carrie Ludwar of ROMSBC suggests nipping the problem in the bud, because any situation that's tolerated for an extended period of time is "difficult the change," she told the news source. What's more, Marv Steier of Nationwide Tenant Screening Services explains that landlords should beware of applicants that don't have previous references because they were living at home or who can't provide paystubs. When it comes to tenant background screening, the laws in Canada aren't as rigorous as they are in the United States, as landlords can't do criminal record checks. However, Steier notes that they can still write regular mandatory property inspections into contracts. Classes for landlords are being held in the U.S. as well. The Statesman Journal reports that the Salem, Oregon, Police Department holds two-day landlord training workshops that cover crime prevention strategies and review state laws.