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City employees to be subject to background screening

Feb 04, 2011 Matt Roesly

Candidates seeking the position of city manager in Lewisburg, Tennessee, await a final decision while the city's police chief runs background screening on three of the nine prospective hires. According to the Marshall Tribune, police chief Chuck Forbis will assume the duties of studying and recording the personal, financial and criminal background histories of those selected. In the meantime, city councilmen have not closed the book on the other candidates, considering two of the top three choices have open applications in other cities, the paper details. "I've got one more trip I have to do, which I hope to accomplish on Sunday and Monday," Forbis told the news source. "I have a third trip because one of those led me to a third place ... I have some additional follow up to do on one of the candidates. In some cases I've knocked on doors and asked a neighbor about them." Background screening of city employees may soon begin in Ocean City, New Jersey as well. The Shore News Today reports that the city council recently passed a vote that will introduce an ordinance requiring a check of all full-time and part-time city employees.