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City considers increasing background screening policy

Aug 30, 2012 Quinn Thomas

The public safety committee of San Antonio, Texas, is determining whether to begin requiring more professionals to undergo background checks after several crimes in the area. According to San Antonio Express-News, job seekers who wish to work as private home healthcare employees may need to go through criminal background checks to ensure they have no past history which could jeopardize businesses and patients. Due to recent illegal activity, the San Antonio police department and city council developed a proposal which would create an ordinance requiring checks for these individuals. The screenings will look for any convictions that could compromise the companies and individuals receiving care, including robbery, assault and financial fraud charges. Authorities and the city council are looking to protect area in-home patients from fraud or other criminal activity, states the source. Many businesses can benefit from implementing background screenings during the employment process. Short term lenders and other alternative finance companies can prevent instances of risk by using tools such as Microbilt's pre-employment screening resource. Hiring managers will be able to see results from criminal, drivers and financial reports of applicants, reducing the chance of fraud for businesses.