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Childcare workers' arrest records point to need for better employment verification data

Nov 16, 2012 Quinn Thomas

NBC Chicago is reporting that two popular websites that connect parents with potential babysitters advertised workers that have arrest records. One company in particular highlights the extent of the background checks done upon potential sitters. However, NBC Chicago's investigation uncovered that at least one verified sitter on the site had a record that included criminal damage, battery and drug possession. This highlights the fact that consumer credit reports and debt collection data may tell part of the story regarding an individual's eligibility for employment, and when supplemented with criminal and motor vehicle records, a clearer view comes into place. However, this may still be lacking crucial data. Because of the growing popularity of social networking sites for an increasingly wired population, it is easier for child care workers to connect with potential employers, which may speak to a  need for more reliable identity verifications and background checks. NBC Chicago's report may be alarming for some parents, but companies can ensure that employees are qualified to work in positions as delicate as child care by increasing the usage of software and agency data. These extra steps will offer parents an increased peace of mind.