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Caretaker accused of stealing from patient

Feb 03, 2011 Matt Roesly

A caretaker in Florida was recently charged with stealing approximately $14,000 from her patient, according to WFTV-TV. Sherry Pearce was arrested on Tuesday after pilfering her patient's checking account. Pearce was part of a "visiting angel" program that organizes support for the elderly. In addition to providing in-home support, Pearce helped herself to the cash. Pearce worked for the patient for two years, gaining regular entry to the home of a partially blind woman who had suffered a stroke. However, WFTV reports that neighbors were surprised by the arrest. "I think it's very unfortunate, I really do. The seniors have enough problems to take care of. They don't need this to happen," Sandy Bushong, a neighbor, told the station. The authorities were somewhat surprised as well. To work for Visiting Angels, applicants go through standard background screening. However, police told WFTV that background screenings of Pearce conducted in Florida and North Carolina came back without incident. Pearce, who plead no contest to the charges, will serve six months in jail and must repay $14,500.