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CARDFREE wins innovation award for its mobile merchant platform

Mar 15, 2013 Dave King

CARDFREE wins innovation award for its mobile merchant platform

The mobile merchant platform developed by CARDFREE has earned an award for product innovation in this year's North America Frost & Sullivan Awards.

Frost & Sullivan works with companies to create innovative solutions that foster growth in the marketplace. CARDFREE was recognized for incorporating cloud computing and virtualization capabilities onto a platform that works for consumers in mobile, online and point-of-sale transactions.

"Unlike competing solutions that are limited by integration challenges, CARDFREE serves as a "one-stop" technology platform for capabilities such as mobile payments, loyalty system, channel partnering and analytical systems," said Frost & Sullivan senior research analyst Sathya Subramanian.

San Francisco-based CARDFREE's system allows retailers to use digital prepaid ACH cards that work with most POS systems. The company has a geo-location feature that indicates where a customer is in relation to their shopping venue. Its advanced technology was also noted for integrating well with systems, providing easy navigation to users and making mobile transactions function according to a merchant's specific business needs.

In addition, Frost & Sullivan cited the award winner's secure, one-time authentication system that streamlines the identification process for the consumer.