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Canadian province to cover background checks for nonprofits

Nov 02, 2013 Quinn Thomas

Running background checks - be they financial or criminal - on job applicants is a standard practice of many companies to ensure they are hiring reliable and trustworthy individuals. However, these checks can be costly, making it difficult for organizations on a tight budget to perform their due diligence.

Government leaders in the Canadian province British Columbia are recognizing the difficulties of nonprofits, specifically, in affording critical criminal background checks by making the process free beginning at the end of November, CBC reported. The change was announced by B.C. Attorney General Suzanne Anton, who said that a $20 charge per check was too much for many groups to handle.

"These changes are about relieving cost and time pressures for many volunteer and non-profit organizations so they can focus on delivering great services and programs," Anton said in a written statement cite published by CBC. "Many leading groups in the sector asked for relief from the costs of criminal record checks for their volunteers, and we're making it happen because it's absolutely the right thing to do."

Many nonprofits, especially those that work with vulnerable communities, require detailed criminal background checks for volunteers to prevent abuse and theft.