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Canadian officials institute background checks for caregivers of children

Aug 07, 2011 Matt Roesly

Canadian government officials are rolling out a new policy, making it mandatory for caregivers of vulnerable children to undergo background screening processes. Now, adults living in more than 1,300 homes will have to face background screening, such as criminal record checks, to determine if a caregiver is an eligible candidate to look after a relative's child. The region's new Childrens Minister, Mary McNeil, is instituting the regulations, according to The Canadian Press. The previous minister had rejected many groups' requests to review everyone involved in a program called "Child in the Home of a Relative." Wisconsin private schools funded by taxpayers may soon have to pass background screenings similar to their public school counterparts, according to The Capital Times. A recently proposed bill, the Voucher Accountability and Child Safety Act, would make it mandatory for all teachers, administrators and private school owners to undergo checks to ensure students' safety. "Students deserve some measure of safety and security in their classrooms, and with a simple background check, the state can help provide that," said Representative Sandy Pasch said in a written statement, The Capital Times noted.