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California identity theft ring uncovered

Oct 08, 2012 Dave King

Identity theft has been an increasing problem in the United States and abroad over the past few years, despite the escalated efforts to deter such crimes on behalf of law enforcement, regulators and businesses. ID verification has never been more important, as the digital era has opened up a variety of new avenues for identity thieves to steal personal and banking information. The Mercury News recently reported that three individuals in Fremont, California, were recently apprehended on suspicion of involvement in an identity theft ring. According to the news provider, the trio had allegedly stolen personal information and checks before they were arrested by local law enforcement. The news provider added that two of the alleged thieves are now being held for receiving stolen property, while the other was arrested on suspicion of drug use. Police officers discovered computers, personal information and altered checks upon entering the hotel room rented by the assailants. Businesses can deter such thieves from successfully stealing identities and money from victims by using proper ID verification practices. In addition to patrons, businesses are responsible for ensuring the security of their workforce, and ID verification solutions can help strengthen the integrity of these operations.