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Business Credentialing

Jul 10, 2017 Philip Burgess

Business Credentialing

As the Harvard Business Review noted, many business leaders mistakenly view risk as a positive concept. They see it as a sign of good entrepreneurship, but the truth is great leaders aren't risk takers, they're risk managers. Effectively reducing risk requires a lot of information and resources, however, and many of these are hard for you to acquire on your own. That's where MicroBilt's business credentialing services come in. We provide historical and predictive data alongside verification tools to help you compete in your industry and make strong partnership decisions.

Who needs a business credentialing service?

Business leaders in all industries need to routinely evaluate their organizations against their peers, comparing performance, finances and overall health. Similarly, they must remain up to date on ever-shifting markets. The slightest disruption can cause a major change in a business' stability. Without this information, leaders are more likely to make risky, ill-advised decisions that compromise their competitiveness.

Even from the start, executives and entrepreneurs need business valuation reports to help them develop budgets and business plans. In addition, the information they uncover about potential vendors and clients allows them to make more strategic business decisions. These reports uncover important information applicants might not disclose, showing business leaders who to work with and who to avoid. 

Business credentialing helps you make more effective partnerships.

What does business credentialing entail?

Business credentialing is an important process that covers internal and external aspects of an organization. It compiles financial statements, compensation histories, industry trends and projected growth rates to give leaders the information necessary to make smart financial decisions and avoid risk. In addition, these processes verify information submitted by potential customers, vendors and business partners, checking their identities and helping leaders identify problematic individuals or organizations.

How do these services verify the different aspects of a potential business partner?

"Our products cover any business's credentialing needs."

MicroBilt has a large suite of products designed to meet any small business's credentialing needs. Our offers fall into two major categories.

Business valuation
Our comprehensive industry data products help you understand past trends and anticipate future developments.

  • Integra Comparative Profiler generates a business valuation report that compares your efforts to those of your competitors.
  • Integra Industry Reports provide benchmarking data that compares industry growth rates to your own financials.
  • Integra Industry Growth Outlook supplies you with 10 years' worth of data, split between historical trends and projected industry growth rates, to help you get ahead of shifts that may affect your business.
  • Integra Quick Trends provides a three-year glance at an industry.
  • Integra Officers Compensation helps you evaluate high-level compensation packages so you can better create budges and forecast expenses.
  • First Industry Research Profiles alleviates the burden on your sales team by providing you up-to-date information that helps you target your products directly to potential customers.

Credentialing, training, auditing and site surveys

Compliance is important to the survival of any business, and MicroBilt helps you stay in line with federal regulations.

  • ComplyTraq is a collection of different training and verification products to ensure your staff meets all Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations.
  • Merchant Verification lets you check the claims and credentials of the organizations with which you conduct business.
  • Business Search is a quick, convenient and cost-effective way to research potential clients and vendors.
  • Dun & Bradstreet Reports provide business intelligence and data from one of the world's leading credit bureaus, compiled into six different records.
  • Paynet Company Search & Payment History Report helps you get a strong view of an applicant's credit history and risk profile by providing. 
  • Professional License Verification confirms a person's professional credentials by searching through public databases from every state.
  • Secretary of State Filing Search draws from state databases so you can see a company's history of mergers, consolidations, incorporations or dissolution.
  • UCC Search Report uncovers if other organizations have filed a claim against a loan applicant's pledged collateral. 

MicroBilt's abundant business credentialing products give you the tools necessary to thoroughly vet anyone you might do business with.