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Barcode scanners a threat to Disney workers' security

Jun 03, 2011 Brian Bradley

The Walt Disney Company is facing a lawsuit from 20,000 current or former employees pertaining to company-issued ID verification cards. Three months ago, a class-action suit was issued against Disney once its workers came to the realization that their identification cards - which are embedded with barcodes - contains their Social Security numbers. Barcode scanners are readily available in app form for smartphones, leading many current and former employees to fear that their identities may not be secure. The suit notes that Disney learned about the risks posed by the ID cards three years ago, however nothing was done to rectify the situation. "We disagree with the legal premise of the lawsuit," Suzi Brown, Disney spokesperson, told KCOP-TV. "Protecting cast members' personal information is a responsibility we take very seriously." However, plaintiff attorney Cornelia Dai tells the news source that she hopes to have the ID cards destroyed and replaced with new ones that don't contain personal information. She adds that she will vie for compensation for those employees who can prove that they were victims of ID theft because of the badges.