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Banks offer credit score checks and education

Nov 02, 2011 Walt Wojoiechowski

A local Maine credit union recently announced its intentions to offer a free consumer credit report check for its customers, WABI-TV reports. If a person has a tarnished credit report, it could affect his or her ability to own a home or land a job in some states. Penobscot County Federal Credit Union is providing its members with a free credit check-up clinic to ensure their credit is at a healthy figure. "What I've seen lately is credit lines have been decreased almost 50 percent and some consumers are not even aware of that and without them pulling their credit report they have no idea," Mark Trapelo, a mortgage loan officer at the bank, told the news source. Consumers can walk in and receive a detailed credit report, followed by an in-depth analysis from a credit specialist. The service will be offered at the bank's three locations in Old Town, Bangor and West Enfield. In Connecticut, Stamford First Bank is also attempting to educate its members about consumer credit scores, ConnecticutPlus reports. The bank hosted a free seminar called Understanding and Improving Your Credit Scores at its headquarters this week, with a featured credit specialist who discussed factors that influence a credit score and how to improve it.