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Bank reduces duplicate payment fraud, improves ACH transactions

Sep 03, 2012 Dave King

To remain competitive in an increasingly digitized market landscape, merchants need to ensure they are covering all the bases when choosing a payment processing system. This trend has rang true for the banking sector as well, as financial institutions across the country have started adopting new technologies, such as ACH cards and wire transfers. Bank Systems and Technology recently reported that one bank has experienced massive growth following a transition from traditional check processing to ACH payments and similar electronic transactions. According to the source, Bank of the West managed to eradicate false duplicate transactions resulting from automated payments, creating a more secure environment. The news provider cites data that revealed duplicate payments are among the biggest sources of fraudulent activity in the banking sector, accounting for almost half a billion dollars each year. Other financial institutions and payment processors should learn from this bank's strategy, as transaction security remains the biggest question in the payment landscape. By sussing out all potential flaws in the system, the new technology can continue to evolve and decrease fraudulent activities.