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Background screenings increasing around the country

Sep 11, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Companies and organizations throughout the nation are realizing the benefits that pre-employment background screenings offer for operations. These checks help to avoid risky situations and prevent valuable data from being compromised. According to The Columbus Dispatch, the school district in Pickerington, Ohio, recently adopted an ordinance that requires all volunteers, athletic coaches and assistants to undergo background screenings. District officials say this is being done to protect both students and existing faculty. Individuals will go through state and federal screenings that look at criminal and financial records, states the news source. Background checks can be especially beneficial for short term lenders, as these businesses deal with large amounts of money and want to ensure that funds are kept safe for consumers. Finance & Commerce reports that employers are increasingly using background screenings during hiring processes to help determine whether applicants pose a risk to operations. Many owners and managers want to find out if candidates could compromise companies in any way. However, firms must exercise caution when conducting screenings, as job seekers do have certain protections under current laws, writes the website.