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Background screenings help to prevent fraud

Aug 28, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Many organizations and businesses utilize background screenings to ensure employees, volunteers and other involved individuals do not pose a threat to operations. This can be especially beneficial for short term lenders, as staff are likely to handle large amounts of money. According to Suburban Journals, the Granite City School District in Missouri has implemented a policy that requires background checks for not only teachers and other staff, but for school volunteers as well. District officials state that the screenings are necessary, as they want to make sure students are kept safe and operations keep running smoothly. "Anything we can help to ensure safety is a step in the right direction," district personnel director Jim Parker told the source. "People just want this kind of thing going on. It gives them a sense of security." The state of Arizona is requiring teachers and other faculty throughout all school districts to undergo background checks, reports  AZ Family. The Department of Public Safety is having to process thousands of clearance cards to grant access to applicants. Additionally, the state agency is responsible for reviewing screenings for nurses, real estate agents and other professionals.