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Background screenings can reveal important information

Sep 03, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Hiring managers who use background checks during the employment process can uncover information that applicants may not have disclosed. This can help to prevent instances of fraud and lower risk for businesses, especially for short term lending companies. reports that a background screening for an executive at Huffington Post ultimately resulted in his termination after it was revealed that he was arrested for driving under the influence nine years prior. Moritz Loew, who served as the company's senior vice president of sales, was fired after only three months on the job. Huffington Post decided to let Loew go from his position as he did not meet hiring standards. Employers across the nation are increasingly using background checks to uncover any criminal histories that candidates may have that could compromise companies and other employees, according to Finance & Commerce. Industry experts say the increase is due to business owners being aware of the risks of not conducting them. However, managers should be careful when utilizing background checks by ensuring they are following all guidelines and laws, reports the source.