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Background screenings benefit from new technology

Mar 03, 2011 Matt Roesly

Thanks to new technology, employers are finding new ways to do background screenings on potential hires. When deciding on the best person to fill an open position, more and more employers are using tools available online. According to human resources experts, the recession created an atmosphere of desperation for people seeking jobs. "In down times, the likelihood is greater that someone is misrepresenting themselves," said David Lewis, president of Operations Inc., in an interview with the Connecticut Post. "It's amazing how many people we have who fail those checks." The background screenings are used to check whether or not people are being honest about their educational backgrounds and employment histories. In addition, the checks will also reveal any criminal backgrounds. According to Lewis, many human resources professionals often overlook doing a thorough examination when hiring and are left with less-than-qualified candidates as a result. Lawmakers in Pennsylvania recently learned this lesson the hard way. The Citizen's Voice reports that county commissioners in Luzerne County recently rescinded the nomination of Joseph Chairge Jr. after a background check revealed he had been charged with laundering gambling proceedings in 2005, which an original screening has missed.