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Background screenings beneficial for business

Jul 03, 2012 Philip Burgess

When it comes to conducting background checks on employees, tenants and consumers, there are many different policies in place to protect both the business and the individual. The Chicago Tribune says screenings are essential for companies in all industries. They can prevent managers from hiring individuals who would not be a fit for the team, and they can also avoid the risk of fraud. However, since some businesses have policies that forbid them from hiring anyone who has any sort of conviction on the record, no matter how old, this can limit resources. Portman suggests managers create a list of crimes that are relevant to the job that would deem an individual a bad fit. For instance, short term lending companies should consider steering clear of applicants who have been convicted of financial fraud. Property managers also experience benefits from screenings, as the background checks reveal potential tenants who would be unfit due to unpaid rent and damage. Microbilt offers extensive pre-employment background and tenant screenings. The product searches a variety of databases, including criminal, driving, education and employment records. Managers will be alerted to any activity which might be deemed serious in order to find the right individuals for their organizations.