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Background Screenings a Major Issue for EMS Industry

Mar 16, 2020 MicroBilt News

Background Screenings a Major Issue for EMS Industry

Many states have specific requirements when conducting background checks for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) employees. Some are just now beginning to implement policies requiring companies hiring EMS employees or contract employees in the EMS industry to conduct background checks on their applicants before hiring them.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a unified requirement nationwide at the moment. Plus, the requirements vary greatly from one state to the next and some states, as of yet, have few, if any, specific requirements for EMS employees. This means that conducting background checks can be tricky, especially for people struggling to comply with constantly shifting laws that try to balance protecting the public with protecting the privacy of applicants.

Each state has its own set of laws related to these ideas as well. Some tend to place more emphasis on protecting the public while others are more interested in protecting the individuals. Fortunately, there are background checks that take state laws into account so that you’re always on the correct side of the law when conducting background checks and complying with regulations in your state. Plus, the software keeps up with rule and law changes as they arise and go into effect, keeping your software updated so that you don’t have to worry about rule changes and compliance with them.

There are, however, other challenges EMS companies must consider as well. One is the disconnect between hiring independent contractors and employees. The federal courts seem divided on distinctions or differences between the two as it works out for protection for the employees. Compound that further with company policies concerning background checks and you could find yourself facing lawsuits about treating ICs like employees. This can be bad for your business. It is best to have separate policies for employees and contract workers that bring the same result, assurance for your business that both employees and ICs meet the state’s requirements.

Some of the background checks you may wish to include, depending on the company policy and state laws include:

  • Employment and Education Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Criminal Search

Whatever your background check needs may be, Microbilt is here to help you make sure your company meets the laws in your state for conducting them. Contact us today to learn more.