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Background screening best practices gleaned from Indian organizations

Jun 10, 2013 Quinn Thomas

Background screening best practices gleaned from Indian organizations

Poor background screening processes could lead to major issues for any organization, as decision-makers are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for both staff members and clients. Many companies have increased efforts to strengthen background check protocols in recent years, especially those that deal with the elderly and children.

The Press Trust of India recently reported that a majority of companies in virtually every sector are cross checking information provided by applicants and already-hired employees. The source explained that the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, or Assocham, released the results of a survey that indicated human resources professionals from Indian firms are verifying everything from academic certificates to credit risk and employment histories.

According to the news provider, HR professionals from an estimated 1,500 firms responded to the survey, and many cited several triumphs after hiring a professional firm to conduct the cross checking and other background screening processes.

"Background screening conducted by specialists adds a big preventive dimension which could significantly minimize the risk of engaging with the wrong people, whether at the work place or outside," D.S. Rawat, Secretary General of Assocham, explained.

Organizations in the United States should consider taking this type of approach to the background screening and on-boarding components of human capital management. While better screening protocols can ensure a safer environment for staff members and customers, organizations can also enjoy higher employee retention rates.

NACS recently hosted a webinar that explained how human resources professionals can use background checks to improve employee retention, as finding the applicants best-suited to the atmosphere and culture of a given organization will lead to longer tenures. When in doubt, organizations should consider using a firm that specializes in background checks to ensure legal, efficient and effective screening procedures.